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Feng Shui is also necessary to buy a house in the United States?

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Feng Shui is a piece of knowledge that modern people value when choosing a location to buy a house. Even if they are buying properties overseas, Chinese people like to consider the Feng Shui of real estate. Let’s share it today!

When it comes to feng shui, the original intent is to choose the right place, but modern people will definitely refer to feng shui and furnishings when looking for a house to live in. Let us take a look at the following nine elements to determine whether this house has good feng shui, whether it is worth investing in and buying for self-occupation, and what is its reliable scientific basis!

1. Fill the home with mindfulness and healthy energy

The popular vocabulary "positive energy" in recent years can make the home full of sunshine and good aura! If you want to have good feng shui where you live, you must ensure that your home is bright and spacious, and continue to see what can be done to improve your home furnishings or ways to improve feng shui.

2. The appearance of the house

The appearance of the house is actually very important! If the appearance is not good, it will gradually affect the fortune of the whole house from the outside. Before buying or renting a house, you should carefully appreciate a house from the outside and ask yourself whether the house makes you feel safe and friendly. A comfortable house should make people feel quite relaxing.

In addition to the appearance, the driveway, garden and other places outside the house must be well organized. The paint, roof and other parts of the house should also be in good condition.

Was this house easy to find when I first visited? If you have to work hard to find the location of this house, then this house is not the most ideal place to live in. If it is difficult for you to find this house, positive energy may not find it.

3. Neighbors

Taking Feng Shui as an example, neighbors in the neighborhood will have a profound impact on every house in this community. Before deciding on your new residence, you might as well walk around the entire community and observe carefully:

Does every neighbor in the neighborhood take good care of the house? If many neighbors’ houses are in need of repair, it may affect the aura of your house in the same community.

Are the nearby trees and greenery healthy?

Try to avoid houses next to dilapidated and dangerous buildings, empty parking lots, or tombs. These are all with a gloomy atmosphere. It is recommended that you choose a house with a good aura nearby to help improve your house's aura and luck.

4. The energy of the previous homeowner

Except for animals, many substances in nature have memories. The energy vibrations of events that have occurred in a space are recorded on the walls and on the ground. If possible, you can check the historical background of this house, and Have any negative things happened, such as the premature death of the former homeowner or tenant, divorce, health problems, etc.

5. Lu Chong

The house at the intersection of a T-shaped intersection is also called Luchong. As long as you open the door to this house, you will see a road oncoming. There will be a lot of different air hitting this location, making this an outlet that accepts various energies and making this location relatively complicated. In reality, if you live in Luchong, the flashing lights of driving at night will also cause discomfort to the occupants. Try to avoid buying a house in Luchong.

6. Flo

w direction of the gate entrance

The most important thing that affects the aura of a house is of course the airflow at the entrance of the door. The gate is also called the entrance of qi, which will directly allow good qi to enter the house and the lives of its residents. The ideal house has a clean and conspicuous entrance, which represents positive energy and a symbol of welcoming the God of Wealth! You can refer to the following points as the points that should be avoided at the gate entrance of a good aura:

Will the path to the gate be hard to find?

Is the door hidden or located at the back of the house?

Are there more than two main gates?

Are there trees or potted plants blocking the gate?

Are there any obstacles blocking the gate in the driveway or pedestrian passage leading to the gate?

Can the visiting guests easily find the door?

7. A po

sition of control

The indoor space layout of the house is also very important. The most important point in Feng Shui is to place the main furniture in a position where you can control it. When you are in a position of control, you usually feel more relaxed, and you can fill the house with a positive aura.

The so-called position of control means that you can easily see the door when you are lying on the bed, sitting at the desk, or cooking in the kitchen, so that when someone pushes the door in, you can see at a glance, try to avoid being in line with the door. When you are making furniture, try to place the above three things and the door at an oblique corner. Among them, the bed is the most important. In other words, the headboard of the bed in the bedroom is best placed at an oblique line with the door, and the door can be seen at a glance when lying on the bed.

8. Avo

id houses with beams on the roof, and avoid houses with a kitchen where you can enter the kitchen

Pay attention to the ceiling when buying a house. A house with a beamed roof can make people feel nervous and scared. It is especially bad if there are beams on the sofa or bed. It will cause long-term psychological stress and cause depression. In all houses, it is best to see the living room at the beginning. If you first see the kitchen, dining room or bathroom as soon as you enter the door, it is a taboo for the house.

9. Good aura

Finally, a good Feng Shui house needs to be based on your intuition. Many people know whether the house is right for them as soon as they step into a house. Even if you live in a less-than-ideal house, you can rely on some simple furnishing changes to improve Feng Shui, aura and fortune!

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