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4 major home feng shui layouts to improve career luck

In order to pursue better quality of life and achievements, we work hard every day in the workplace. But do you feel that work is always not going well? Is it always my turn to get a promotion or salary increase? Efforts never get equal rewards? When you encounter this situation, you might as well check whether bad feng shui has occurred in your home, affecting your personal fortune. Simple feng shui adjustments can help you gain points in the workplace and studies!


In home Feng Shui, the Wenchang position governs exams and work promotion fortunes, so the Feng Shui layout of the Wenchang position cannot be careless. The Wenchang position can be defined by the zodiac sign of the residence, the person's year of birth, or the flying star. It is recommended to set the study room and desk in the Wenchang position to help clear thoughts and improve work efficiency. If the Wenchang position happens to be in the toilet, it is regarded as a "dirty Wenchang" pattern. Green plants can be placed to dissolve the filthy atmosphere, and it must be kept neat and clean.


Wenchang star belongs to wood in the five elements. You can use green, brown or log colors that symbolize earth and wood to create a calming effect. For example, laying wooden floors in the study room, choosing wooden desks, bookcases, etc.; in addition, because water belongs to wisdom, and "water can grow wood", placing aquatic plants in the study room can promote wealth and prosperity.


In addition to the appropriate location of the study room, small lucky objects can also be placed to increase the power of Wenchang. For example, auspicious items such as Wenchang pens, lucky bamboos, and white crystal balls can be placed on the desk to symbolize prosperity and advancement; the so-called "mountain master" "Ding, water governs wealth." It is recommended to hang landscape paintings in the study room to bring promotion opportunities or improve financial luck. In addition, avoid piling up too much clutter around the desk, otherwise the future will be confused.


The desk should be placed so that the back is not against the wall. Otherwise, you will feel insecure and unable to concentrate, which will naturally affect your academic and career performance. It is recommended that there be a solid wall or bookcase behind the seat, which symbolizes that it is easy to be supported by nobles. In addition, the desk should not be facing the door or window, otherwise it will be directly affected by the evil spirit outside the door, making the space aura unstable, which is not conducive to the development of study and work. .

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