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Organize your home like this, good luck will follow, try it if you don't believe it!

Fortune is a point that everyone will pay attention to in life. Good fortune can make life rich and fulfilling, and have a good mood things go smoothly. So, how can you make money in your life?

Anything Under the bed 

If you wish have a good luck, there are few things under the bed, keep as clean as possible under your bed, otherwise it will affect your luck.

Many beds are currently equipped with storage rooms,this space needs to pay attention. If you put very fragmented items or items that have not been used for a long time, then it may cause problems in your relationship , or cause leakage of money or encounter villains. 

Some beds are empty underneath. As a result, many friends will also make full use of this space and place a lot of things. Some items are placed directly, or some items are placed in a storage box, a cardboard box, and then under the bed. In fact, both of these situations are not good, because placing a lot of collectible items under the bed will lead to a disturbance of the chi and eventually hurt your fortune. Therefore, be sure to check if there is any debris under your bed and quickly clean it up..

Why clean your home often?

God of Wealth likes to live in a clean and bright home. Whether it is a small home or a business, a successful business is often very clear; on the other hand, a company that is on the verge of bankruptcy must have a dirty corner.

Cleaning up home is growing wisdom

Many times, when you are upset, is it worse to go home and see the messy room? For families, maintaining a clean and hygienic living environment can make people feel happy. You can wipe the table every day, sweep the floor, or do regular cleaning every week or month. Home is a harbor of the soul. Don't let yourself live in a messy environment!

The mess in the home also brings chaos in thought. Cleaning up your home is tantamount to cleaning up trash in your brain, and wisdom will naturally grow!

1. Take out the unused and unused items at home first, and pack and throw them away.

  1. Some items use new, obsolete;

  2. Those outdated magazines, books, kitchen supplies.

2. Organize your wardrobe

  1. Pick out the ones you haven’t worn for nearly a year, and your old clothes won’t match you when you grow up;

  2. Pick the wrong style again;

  3. Single out those that need to be modified;

  4. The rest is organized by item according to the occasion.

Pay attention to your inner habit : "This clothes can't be put on and not thrown, these very expensive things are reluctant to throw." It has been put for a long time, which has affected your savvy growth. If you want to have good energy at home, you can start harder and get countless Happiness!

3. Clean up all the spaces and corners , put some salt to purify the energy (take it away after a week); for the oil stains on the kitchen stove and the odor in the toilet, clean up and add incense.

4. Arrange all the items neatly and orderly.

As you continue to clean up your home, your inner blockages will become more and more smooth, smooth and relaxed, and love and gratitude will flow in! Whenever there is something unpleasant and emotional, when you clean up your home, things will turn for the better, remove stasis, and change your mind. The bad ones must be removed decisively, and they must not be nostalgic.

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