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Improve the quality of your life

In order to be able to keep the fortune, it is necessary to slightly adjust the feng shui layout in the home. If you want good fortune feng shui, you can easily improve by doing the following 5 points.

1.Leverage wealth by location
The wealth position in the home is located at a 45-degree oblique angle facing the door. If the door is in the middle, there are two wealth positions in the home. The God of Wealth is used to being clean and bright, so the position of the wealth must be kept clean and tidy, and the lighting should be good, so as to attract good fortune; if the wealth is dirty and messy, it is also bad for wealth. Only by making full use of the wealth position can wealth be advanced, and some auspicious items for wealth can be placed here to enhance the wealth in the home and allow wealth to enter the home smoothly.

2.Wealth location must be against the wall
There is a wall behind the Wealth Location, which is a good feng shui that can hide the wind and gather the chi. If the back of the wealth location is empty, you can place a pot of plants or make a small partition, which is also helpful for wealth.


3. Open the door and see the stove
In home feng shui, the kitchen is a small fortune location, so the kitchen door facing the front door is extremely bad feng shui. If you open the door directly to the stove, the wealth location will be rushed by the chi outside the door, and the wealth at home will be damaged. In this case, it is necessary to make a porch or partition decoration between the kitchen and the door in a timely manner. In addition, it is not appropriate to use an open kitchen in the home.


4.Kitchens and bathrooms will cause lost money
In feng shui -water is money, Kitchen and toliet lost lots water are meaning lost money, these two places are easy to be ignored by everyone. To ensure the wealth of gathering, the drainage systems of kitchens and toilets must be cleaned in a timely manner, and there should be no clogging or excessive dirt. If there is water leakage, then wealth will be lost as well.


5.Position of fish tank

Feng Shui Fish is a method of gathering money that everyone knows better, but if the location of Feng Shui Fish is placed in the west or northwest direction, the phenomenon of financial leakage will occur. You will find that there are constant chores in your home that require money, and you basically don't have much savings. If this is the case, it is necessary to adjust the position of the fish tank in time and put it in the right position.


Feng Shui at home includes Feng Shui in many aspects such as the surrounding environment, pattern, and orientation of the house. I hope the above 5 points of Feng Shui can help everyone's fortune. If a friend needs help, you can follow us, we will propose reasonable improvements based on your specific situation.

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