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Feng Shui you have to know! Making money depends on the living room, saving money depends on the bedroom

Whether you can make money at home depends on the living room, and whether you can save money depends on the master bedroom, which is the principal's room. Generally speaking, the living room must be larger than the room, and the living room is larger than the room, which means that money will be made more, but the room cannot be too small, because the room represents the treasury, so if the room is too small, there will be no way to save money. Without a corner, you lack money!

Moreover, those who want to get rich should never live in a apartment, because the living room of a suite is usually very small, and some do not even have a living room, and the absence of a living room means that there are no dignitaries and no opportunity to make money. Therefore, there must be a room in the home anyway. One or two bedrooms and one bedroom, or three bedrooms and one bedroom. In short, there must be a large living room, and the layout of this living room must be square, because the square has the position of energy, and the absence of any one of the hexagrams indicates that the wealth is incomplete. There are missing someting, so when choosing a house, it is best to choose a house with a square layout, so that wealth can be prosperous. If the house itself is lacking in corners, you are short of money. It is recommended to use decoration or some fortune items to make up the lack of corners, so as to avoid unsuccessful fortunes and frequent leaks.


In addition, the use of lights is also one of the most important keys if you want to recruit money in your home or in business ,The bright living room means that the noble is very prosperous, so try not to use fluorescent or white light in the living room. It is better to use yellow light, that is, halogen light. Not only can halogen lamps bring you a warm and harmonious feeling,It will also bring a lot of popularity and wealth, so the living room at home must have halogen lamps to make a fortune. Also, if there are several corners of the living room that are not moving, that is the financial position of your home. You can make good use of it. It is recommended that you place a lamp to illuminate the financial position. , If you put open copper gourds to make money, gather money and prosperity, the effect is even better.


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