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Consultantion and Service

Master Lan is  the famous  Asian Feng Shui master,  Fengshui service for star transportation, Energy improvement, restoration and reconstruction, good luck, good fortune, Wenchang Yun, recruiting peaches and nobles, helping Jiayuan, Heheshu, replanting and improving the health of the seed base, increasing blessing, extending life, and naming and changing names ,Day Pick,Prayer Blessing Ceremony, creating a high profile for the stars, urging Wenchang's career, a prosperous and long-lasting star journey, and repairing friendship peach blossoms, Efficiently save and improve business and finance, entertainment and entertainment stars, and people from the literary and art circles who are frequently breaking their marriages, helping their families be happy, have a happy marriage, and a prosperous career! 

Specific service projects:

1. Helping office and home energy field  and magnetic field repair and rebuild Feng Shui energy

2. For business fortune, helping quickly become popular,wealth grow.

3.Change feng shui to avoid  lawsuits, scandals, careers, economics, family marriages are not smooth, and are trapped in bad luck, helping them out of bad luck.

4.  Find Wenchang star luck for family and kids and improve career luck. 

5. Helps Development of Fortune ,find wealthy location

6. Recruits peach blossoms, builds good interpersonal relationships for people

7.  Quickly save families that are often broken; improve the bad relationships with their parents, families, friends and family.

8. Opening on-site analysis and explanation of feng shui examples of business, home furnishing, and office feng shui for business finance, investment and wealth management, real estate construction, entertainment and performing arts, celebrities or celebrities.

Residential & Commercial

  • Feng shui analysis for outside and inside property

  • Remodeling/Renovation

  • Purchasing a new or older home for investment or owner use.

  • Help Selling homes faster 

  • Helping Floor Plan Design for new or older property

  • Backyard and front yard Landscaping Design

  • Enhance and improve wealth and health location

  • Annual Check-ups program available

  • Use Feng Shui products to help improve energy and avoid problem location

Modular Homes
Business Growth
Distanced Couple
Boys at School
Donation Jar
Happy Couple
Bridal Bouquet
Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace
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