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Master Lan is Feng Shui Master from Taiwan, he speaks Mandarin and English.
.Since childhood, he has been immersed in astronomy, mathematics, meteorology, the Book of Changes, Geography of Fortune, etc.

. Proficient in Chinese Feng Shui, the master of ternary impermanence representing the highest achievement of Chinese Feng Shui in thousands of years,


.Researched Feng Shui in ancient China for more than 20 years,
Well-known companies, real estate companies, factories, private luxury homes serve as perennial Feng Shui consultants.


.The most internationally renowned numerology experts, lecturers, and writers have written in Yijing, Ziwei, Fengshui, Acacia, Dream interpretation, fortune makeup, fortune crystal and many other aspects


. The impact far reaches Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the United States and other countries.


.Have a profound knowledge of traditional Yijing gossip, yin and yang five elements, hollywood numbers, mysterious flying stars, feng shui, etc.


He has a very high reputation in China's mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Southeast Asian countries.

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