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From the perspective of feng shui, there are many times when it can be prevented beforehand. If the feng shui factors that lead to divorce and unhappy marriage can be identified in time, these problems can be avoided.

The first ,the main part of the sofa is not against the solid wall

This is mainly for the living room. There are many different styles of sofas. Many people buy a lot of weird sofas for novelty and beauty. Can't see which is the theme and which is the guest. The guest should be the guest, and the guest should be the guest. Causes yin and yang disorders. It means that the owner of the family is not clear, and it is easy to generate a marriage.

The Second ,Financial Position problem

Financial position exposure is mainly reflected in the kitchen stove can be seen at the door, the kitchen stove is wealth, wealth is rushed, wealth cannot be gathered. Husbands and wives are often angry about their wealth, which leads to discord.

The third ,,master bedroom with multiple doors

Many people design the bathroom, or the study and master bedroom in the same room for future convenience during renovation. On Feng Shui, there are many mouths, and many mouths. The door is easy to dissipate, and the air is dissipated. In this case, do you want marriage to be okay

The fourth , the shape of the furniture

In terms of feng shui, Fang is static and circle is moving. There are many cabinets and beds in the wedding room decoration. The movement is obvious. Generally speaking, such marriages do not last long.

The Fifth ,where the couple sleep and bed

The bedroom is centered on the bed, with the tiger on the right and the dragon on the left. In some bedrooms, the right side of the bed is obviously larger than the left side of the bed, forming a weak Feng Shui pattern. It is the sign of yin and yang wrong. Violates the principle of masculine and feminine. So couples living in this bedroom are not good.

Human fate is destined, we have no other choice, but we can choose to change the feng shui pattern of the family, to properly adjust the relationship between the husband and wife, call your Feng shui specialist today.

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