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What kind of Feng Shui pattern can make a lot of money

Why are some people busy all day and don't make much money, while some people make money so easily? This has to do with luck. Good fortune comes from How many good deeds have you done in the past and present lives, and only when there is abandonment can there be gain. Feng Shui is to help fate, to live in a blessed place, let's take a look at how to adjust Feng Shui for good fortune.

Feng Shui who wants to have big wealth needs to have the following points:

1. Bright and spacious is very important. Please leave your own office or shop open at the entrance. This place is call [Mingtang],a place for gathering qi to make money, whether it is an office or a shopping mall.

2. The external environment of shops or offices must conform to an obvious pattern, such as "jade belt ring waist", which means that the river or road is round, semi-circular or arc surrounding the house or building. The houses or buildings facing zigzag rivers or roads will benefit career and wealth.

3. Whether the financial position is missing is very important to whether you can make a lot of money, because in real life, many shops, offices or homes are always easy to destroy the financial position during the decoration. Some are the problems of the building itself, The wealth position must be created artificially, otherwise it will be more difficult to expand.

4.If you want to pursue big fortune, you must have the help of the noble person to have the opportunity to grow. Generally, the feng shui pattern with noble person’s assistance mainly depends on the building feng shui and requires the buildings behind to be taller. The building on the left is taller than the right ,it should be not having too high buildings on the right, otherwise there will be more backstabbers.

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