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Want a good luck, teach you how to transfer in 2020!

1. Get married Someone Fortune is better after marriage,In this case, it is usually the husband or wife who will prosper himself, so his fortune changes,but check your destiny before you marry.

2. Moving Moving a new home is often when one's luck changes. This is because the Qi field environment has changed, and the role of feng shui has changed, so the fortune has been improved.

3, Change jobs Find a good job, financial fortune has improved, all aspects are smooth. However, a good job can usually only be found under good fortune or good aura or family factors. Otherwise, changing jobs will only get worse.

4. Make friends One person's transfer is often to know important people, get the support of others, and then go up and down, getting better and better. This is because of the aura of your nobility.

5. Fit for yourself Some people often get the guidance of others, or wear or put their belongings at home, and then their fortunes are reversed.

6. Time period Everyone's luck is different, some are early or middle age. There are basically several types of time periods. Most people get transported at middle age, and generally after the age of 36, a few people get lucky in their later years. There are still a few people who were lucky in their early years, and they are more common in the entertainment industry.

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