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The master tells you what is becoming richer and richer house Feng Shui

Home Feng Shui is the study of the magnetic field patterns of residential grounds and units. It has an overall impact on the surrounding ecological environment, on the physical and mental health of the residents, and the prosperity and decline of fortune. Today, Master Lan will tell you what kind of residential Fengshui is the best for wealth.

1. The courtyard or building space at home must be square

In order to highlight the three-dimensional sense of modern buildings, most buildings have missing corners. Missing corners are very unfavorable in Feng Shui, because the corners of the house represent the five elements of the house. If the corners are missing, it will easily lead to lack of energy flow, resulting in an imbalance of the five elements, which is prone to changes and restlessness. Founder's Feng Shui is a stable, prosperous house.

2. The door direction must match the residence

The door of the house is the aura passage of a family, the aura circulation will lead to auspiciousness, but the fate of the family will fail. Therefore, the quality of a family’s feng shui depends largely on the direction of the door. Good luck, family luck will be vigorous. For example: open the southeast door of a house that faces south from the north. This door is the most prosperous door. The door of this house conforms to the pattern of feng shui.

3.The orientation arrangement between the living room and the kitchen

The living room should be placed in the auspicious position of the home. For example, if the south-facing house opens the southeast door, the living room should be placed in the center of the north, and the kitchen should be placed in the east. The living room is in charge of the family's mood, connections, social status, noble luck, etc. Therefore, the living room should choose to be prosperous and good for the family. The kitchen is in charge of the family’s wealth, health, etc., so choosing the best auspicious direction is conducive to family health and wealth.

4. The master bedroom cannot be close to the bathroom

Nowadays, the master bedroom of a building type generally has a bathroom, the purpose of which is to facilitate the owner. Little do they know that this design does not conform to the concept of Feng Shui. Long-term residence or use of the master bathroom can easily lead to husband and wife having an affair, different dreams in the same bed, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, spleen and stomach disease, etc. Feng Shui belongs to poor wealth.

5, Make good use of financial space in the house

Every house has a financial position, which is divided into partial financial position and positive financial position. If you are engaged in a stable career, it is best to use the positive financial position and the business person uses the partial financial position. For example, if you sit north and open the southeast gate of a house facing south, the positive financial position is in the true north and southeast; the partial financial position is in the true east and the south. If you want to promote wealth and luck, you can place a safe in this position to store your passbook or cash. You can also place ornaments or some other lucky objects based on the theory of the five elements intergrowth.

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