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Mirror on Fireplace feng shui

Many people don’t know what should put on top of fireplace for good feng shui,Some people say that style fireplaces usually put mirrors, English fireplaces usually put artistic paintings, American fireplaces usually put crafts; it depends on your style of decoration.

However, everything has its feng shui ,especially “MIRROR “. The mirror of the fireplace in the living room must not face any door. The main culprit will make the door god and the god of wealth scare away from the mirror god together, which is the meaning of blocking the god of wealth. If you are a businessman, it will lead to poor career and money over loans. Secondly, the mirror should not reflect on the stove in the kitchen, otherwise one stove will become two stoves, and there will be disputes among family members. Mirrored stove, this situation will produce a hedge between the mirror god and the kitchen god, so it is easy for the members of the family to suffer from physical illness, women are prone to women’s diseases, and men often inexplicably beat their wives.

My feng shui experience Mirrors are not well placed in the living room. Mirrors in the living room are easily distracted. Will seriously affect the relationship of the entire family members. Family will not care about each other which is not conducive to family happiness.

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