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How to wear bracelets has good feng shui?

According to the principle of health preservation: the left hand stabilizes the emotions and the right hand discharges body toxins. The left hand is closer to the heart, and the right hand is closer to the liver. The jade bracelet can be worn on the left hand to calm the nerves and balance the heart rate; while the silver bracelet can be disinfected and worn. The right hand can help detoxify the liver.

The principle of Feng Shui: the left hand is satisfied with the blessing, the right hand turns evil spirits, the left hand wears the wrist ornament to absorb blessings, and the right hand ward off evil spirits and dispel evil spirits. Therefore, a jade bracelet with beautiful meanings such as safety and happiness is worn on the left hand, while a silver bracelet that can remove evil is worn on the right hand.

Practical principle: people do less with the left hand, use more with the right hand

Objectively speaking, most of our work is done with the right hand. If the jewelry is worn on the right hand, it is easy to be damaged by bumps, stains, and may block work, which is somewhat inconvenient. Therefore, it is recommended that you wear watches, bracelets, and bracelets on your left hand; Silver bracelets are not as delicate as jade bracelets, so wearing them on the right hand will not have much effect.

Of course, left-handers are a different story!

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