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How to set up your feng shui in 2024 ?

Feng Shui in 2024 set up


This year is the peach blossom position. This position in the bedroom will increase your peach blossom luck. Friends who want to promote peach blossom luck can place pink crystals here to promote peach blossom luck.


The bedroom here will affect health this year, and the kitchen here will affect the health of the entire house, especially the abdomen and stomach. Place six coppers here to transform evil spirits and enhance health.


This year is mainly about contracts and business, which can be easily destroyed by others, and the same goes for relationships. It is better to put a glass of water or black crystal to dissolve the evil spirits.


This year, it is appropriate to place purple items such as carpets, hanging paintings, or a pink or purple crystal ball to encourage happy events such as marriage and childbirth.


Here Your health will be affected in the bedroom and kitchen this year. It is advisable to place six copper coins to eliminate evil spirits.


If there are children in the northwest who are studying or are studying themselves, it is advisable to place four writing brushes or a Wenchang Pagoda here to promote good luck in studying.


This year, you should put a any wealthy treasure bowl

or yellow stones in a glass of water, or a white crystal pillar to promote good fortune.


This year, this position affects friends who invest in stocks, rely on commissions, and also affect friends with gambling habits. You can place six white stones in a glass of water here, or a citrine ball to attract windfalls.


People with this position in the bedroom are likely to be at odds with the person next to them and break up easily, and there are not many of them. Purple objects such as hanging paintings or rugs should be placed here to break up the fight.

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Usha Gautam

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