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Correct and effective improvement of your "Peach Blossom" fortune can not only make your Mr. right come soon, but also avoid abnormal heterosexual relationships, and at the same time contribute to the improvement of financial and career fortune.

Common peach blossom tricks are: putting red rope under the pillow, wearing pink clothing, placing green plants, wearing mascots, etc. Although these methods have effects on the peach blossom, the effect is not obvious.

The really effective method is to cooperate with the individual "Feng Shui Peach Blossom", "Destiny Peach Blossom", and "Year Peach Blossom" position and then add Feng Shui layout to achieve the obvious .The peach blossom location corresponding to the zodiac sign is as follows:

Peach Blossom position at NORTH

FOR Pig ,sheep ,rabbit

.Peach Blossom position at SOUTH

For Snake ,Rooster ,OX

.Peach Blossom position at EAST

For Tiger ,horse ,dog

Peach Blossom position at West

For Monkey ,rat ,dragon

Available at the corresponding peach position:

① Set the bed and position the head of the bed in this direction.

② Put a round vase, and insert flowers or filled with clear water. Do not leave the vase empty. An empty vase is easy to provoke a peach blossom, that is, an improper peach blossom.

Note: When placing the vase, you need to pay attention to the five elements in different positions. The symbiotic effect will complement each other, and the effect will weaken.

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