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The feng shui problem in residential buildings has always been a concern for most of people, especially our parents. In terms of feng shui science, the quality of residential feng shui directly affects the owner's career, life, physical and other aspects of fortune, so when buying a house, most people will take residential feng shui as an important consideration. So, how to look at residential feng shui? What kind of home will become more and more prosperous? Below, I have summarized the following points for everyone to teach you how to look at residential feng shui.

  1. Look around the house (1) The prospect of housing needs to be broad and far-reaching. If the front is blocked, it is easy to absorb the defeat, which is not conducive to home security and career development. (2) Don't be too independent of the crowd. It needs to be built on a flat ground, built on slopes, high or low-lying areas are all leakages and dangerous feng shui. It is suitable to be surrounded by rivers and roads, or backed by tall buildings and beautiful mountains. However, If it is against the mountain and facing water, it depends on the orientation of the house. It will need the Compass tool to verify the direction. (3) It should be far away from temples, military and police departments, crematoriums, cemeteries, prisons, altars, etc.

  2. Look at the formation of the house (1) The size of front yard also has an impact on Feng Shui. Front yard should not be too shallow, which is not conducive to career development. (2) The living room should be bright and spacious. If it is a small-sized living room, it should not be too crowded when designing it; the master bedroom should not be too bright, which is not conducive to the relationship and privacy of the couple. (3) The door of each room should not be opposite to the door. If this happens, it is better to hang a bead curtain to resolve it. (4) When entering the door, you should first see the living room, not the toilet, kitchen, or the master bedroom, etc., which is not conducive to feelings and wealth. (5) Try not to be too irregular or lacking corners. If there are irregular rooms, you must be a storage room, and do not be round or too transparent

  3. Residence orientation Where the house is located, it should be high and not low. It should be noted that it is located in the southeast direction, which is conducive to seeing the water; it is located in the south direction, and there should be no mountains, highlands, and high buildings in the south; The above is an analysis of how to view residential feng shui. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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