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Floor plan feng shui

Free feng shui tips:

The floor plan in the home is very important. Often the wrong floor plan will have a great impact on the family's fortune. No matter the harmony of the family or the health of the body will be affected, so we must pay attention to the problem of it in the home.

The living room is the main activity space for home life, parent-child interaction, leisure and entertainment, and meeting customers. It is usually the largest area in the home. In addition, it has multiple functions. Therefore, the quality of Feng Shui layout directly affects the prosperity and decline of family luck and the family. The relative relationship between members.

The color is not only related to the space style, but also affects people’s mood. The main color of the wall in the living room is warm and neutral (creamy white, rose white...). Not only is it easier to choose and match the furniture, it also has the function of amplifying the sense of space and enhancing the family. harmonious.

The furniture should not be placed in obstruction to the line of living, so as to avoid collisions that cause harm and affect emotions. Do not face the wall when entering the door; nor can you reach the living room through a long walkway; the sofa should not block the way, this kind of living environment can live in more comfortable.

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