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Feng Shui house with a roof beam? Good Or Bad?

Is Feng Shui in a spire house?

1. There are usually two shapes of steep-roofed houses. One is a double-sided sloping roof, and the other is a single-sided sloping roof. There will be a spire in these two species. This kind of steeple-topped house is all fire from the perspective of the Five Elements, which means that this kind of house contains a strong fire element. Everyone knows that the nature of fire is to burn upwards. This design will cause the aura in the house to gather towards the spire and then radiate out, which is a kind of feng shui for dispersing wealth. The steeper the slope of the spire, the more prominent this situation will be.

2. It is said that feng shui is not good for a house with a roof beam. When planning a steep-roofed house, the situation of beams pressing on the roof must be avoided. People who live in such a house will have a strong aura of the five elements, and their personality will easily become irritable, unstable, and changeable. Easy to conflict with people. If you are a person who avoids fire with the eight-character numerology and the five elements, his comprehensive fortune will be affected to varying degrees, and career, wealth, marriage, feelings and other aspects may be negatively affected. For houses with spires, it is recommended to use warm and light colors for decoration, instead of orange-red, bright yellow, etc. The dark and heavy colors such as coffee, black, and walnut will give people a dull feeling. If there are windows in the attic, try to open the windows as much as possible, so as to ensure smooth airflow, take away the damp and cloudy air, and at the same time, have plenty of sunlight, and can also drive away bad air.

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