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Feng shui for Rich (3)

Feng shui for Rich (3)

Many people are curious why rich people are always getting richer? In fact, the living environment has a great influence on our fortune. When you want to change your fortune and make money for yourself, you can start with the Feng Shui in your own home. A common method for wealthy people to live in is to keep windows open to increase sunlight exposure.

Rich people have many doors and windows in their homes, so the homes are very bright, which can naturally increase wealth and opportunities. In your own home, it is best to open more windows and curtains to increase sunlight so that the house can be covered by sunlight. Irradiation can refresh the resident's spirit, and will not always feel in the dark.

Only when sunlight can penetrate into the house can it bring auspicious auspiciousness. The auspicious auspiciousness here refers to the maintenance of people's health. In Feng Shui, sunshine represents people, and only when the population is healthy can it be able to attract wealth. Therefore, it is not recommended to use too thick curtains in the home, because this will block the sun and block the auspiciousness of the auspiciousness; of course, it should not be too thin, otherwise it will form a light evil.

Smooth air and prosperous wealth

In Feng Shui, airflow represents the operation of wealth, and indoor air must circulate smoothly in order to prosper wealth. Generally speaking, after opening the window, the wind blowing into the house from the outside should not be too big, and gentle gentle wind is the best;

All in all, the airflow in the room should gather air and the room temperature should not be too low. It is best to feel warm.

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