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Does the color of the sofa also affect Feng Shui?

Does the color of the sofa also affect Feng Shui?

The sofa is the focal point of the living room, and it is also a resting place for the whole family to sit and lie down. How to sit comfortably on a sofa and at the same time allow the whole family to live safely with better yang energy and prosperity, is very important to the owner. The luck of the sofa plays a better role. In addition to the placement, the color of the sofa and the Feng Shui taboos should also be paid special attention to!

The color of the sofa is determined according to the "Five Elements"!

The color Feng Shui of the sofa in the living room needs to take into account the owner's horoscope and five elements. It can also be based on the direction and direction of the living room as a basis for color selection. The sitting direction in the living room is based on the orientation of the living room windows. For example, if the window faces south, it is a south-facing living room; if the window faces north, it is a north-facing living room.

Generally speaking, the color of the sofa in the living room facing west can be green, because the west belongs to gold in the five elements, and metal overcomes wood for wealth. The representative color of wood is green, and gold is strong. Soft green can be used as the main color of the sofa. It has the effect of "collecting wealth". It is taboo to use red when facing west to avoid losing money.

The color of the sofa in the living room facing north can be red and avoid yellow. The north belongs to water, and water overcomes fire for wealth. Therefore, using sofas with warm colors, such as red, purple or warm pink, can not only bring wealth, but also make the entire living room more warm and soft.

The east belongs to wood in the five elements. A living room facing the east is rich in wood. Therefore, you can choose a sofa in earth tones, with yellow as the main color, which can bring wealth. However, be careful not to use white sofas to avoid causing wood damage. Metal is in conflict.

Choose a sofa for a living room facing south. South belongs to fire, and fire overcomes metal, which is wealth. You can choose white, the representative color of gold, which can not only reduce the heat of fire, but also make the overall home environment brighter. Using cool colors can also make the living room more comfortable. The person acts more rationally and brings good luck and wealth. In addition, in order to avoid the conflict between water and fire, avoid choosing a black sofa that belongs to the water sign, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes and family unrest.

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