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Can Desk attract wealth ?

Does the desk also can attract wealth? How is the financial position of the desk arranged?

A household has a financial position, a company, and an office of course also has a financial position. So the question is, what is a financial position? A financial position is the best position in a space, and it is a treasure that can attract wealth. So do you know where the office desk financial position is?

Where is the financial position of the desk

The use of flying stars can not only adjust the overall feng shui of the home or office, but also adjust the feng shui of the desk. The specific method is that we first determine the direction of the desk, and then distribute the flying stars on the desk. The following picture is the distribution map of the flying stars on the desk in 2022. We can see from the picture that the northeast area of ​​the desk is the most prosperous fortune star position this year, because in the eighth fortune, the eight white star is the first-class big prosperous star, followed by the one white star (flying to the north) and the nine purple star (flying to the north) Linzhengnan), if you can make good use of it, you can play a role in promoting wealth.

Should the water be placed in the financial position?

Knowing the financial position on the desk, how to use it? Some people like to put a small fish tank on the desk to keep some fish. If you can make money, then these people can make money this year as long as they place the small fish tank in the Northeast of the eight white stars, the North of the one white star, and the South of the nine purple stars. If the fish is raised to die, if the fish die of old age, it may bring bad luck to oneself.

There are also some people who put humidifiers on their desks. Humidifiers also belong to moving water. They can also be used to boost wealth. Most people cannot put fish or humidifiers on their desks. What to do? In fact, the method is very simple, as long as we use an item that each of us uses every day, it can also play a role in prospering wealth. This item is a water cup. When the water cup is placed on the financial position, the water in the cup can receive the wealth of the eight white stars of the universe. We always drink this kind of water, and it will naturally play a role in prospering wealth.

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