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Auspicious and taboo colors for Tiger people in 2024

In traditional Chinese culture, colors are often considered to symbolize different auspiciousness and luck, which are also widely used in Feng Shui and zodiac. For Tiger people, choosing the right color can bring good luck and good fortune, while avoiding inappropriate colors can avoid bad luck and misfortune. The following will introduce the auspicious and taboo colors for Tiger people in 2024.

auspicious color

The auspicious and taboo colors of Tiger people in 2024 may be different, because everyone's destiny and zodiac sign will affect their lucky colors. In Chinese culture, red is the most common auspicious color. For people born in the year of the Tiger, red is the most common auspicious color. For Tiger people, red may bring good luck and blessings. Red represents enthusiasm, celebration and energy. In 2024, Tiger people can choose to wear red clothes or belts on important occasions, or carry some red decorations at home to attract good luck.

In addition to red for luck, gold and gold are also considered auspicious colors. These colors represent wealth, honor and power. In 2024, Tiger people can choose clothes or mascots in these colors to increase their auspicious colors.

unlucky color

In Chinese culture, black and white are often considered unlucky colors. Black represents sadness, loss and foreboding, while white represents death and mourning. Therefore, in 2024, Tiger people should avoid wearing black or white clothes or waists, which will bring bad effects.

In addition to black and white, green is also considered an unlucky color. Green represents severity and curses. In 2024, Tiger people would be wise to avoid wearing green clothes or shoulders, which can bring misfortune.


It should be noted that taboo colors are not absolute, they are just colors considered unlucky in Chinese culture. Auspicious and taboo colors may vary for different and different situations. Generally speaking, when choosing the color of clothes, backpacks or other items, Tiger people should try to choose auspicious colors such as red, yellow and gold, while avoiding the use of taboo colors such as black, gray and green, so that they can be happy in mid-2024. Bring more Therefore, when choosing clothes and accessories, Tiger people can refer to the above suggestions, but they should also make decisions based on their own preferences and circumstances.

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