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2021 Interpersonal problems, pay attention to southern Fengshui

In feng shui, the southern part of the home represents the reputation of the people, and the good layout of the southern feng shui will definitely bring a good reputation to the family, especially the parents who are responsible for making money. Because the magnetic field of the Southern Five Elements belongs to fire, the color can be red, suitable for hanging sunrise or horse portraits, suitable for laying red carpets or wooden decorations, suitable for installing high-intensity lighting, these arrangements can enhance the family’s Fame and luck.

If you are single and unmarried in 2021, if you want a good partner, you can put a comfortable chair in this position, and often sit here to sit and meditate; or put a small coffee table in the peach blossom seat and put yourself on the table And put a bunch of red and pink flowers in a vase. If the flowers have thorns, please remove the thorns. This can promote emotional marriage. In addition to representing marriage, it also includes interpersonal relationships. If you want to strengthen Interpersonal relationships, or those who are engaged in business and want to start a business, can attract popularity by putting the fish tank in this place. Bless everyone!

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