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Windfall may be able to get rich, do you know the location of the windfall in your home?

There are two types of making money, one is general money, and the other is windfall. General wealth is hard-earned wealth, and most of them belong to working people. But windfalls are fortunes that don’t have to be hard-earned, and are easy to get without hard work. There are several main sources, usually from sideline business, such as doing some easy business, or earning referral fees and so on. And the other is like winning a lottery. In short, small money depends on saving and big money depends on luck. "If there is no windfall, there will be no big money."

So How to improve windfall luck?

First, find your own windfall position from the home feng shui, which is different from the general financial position. There are many different opinions about the position of general financial position in Feng Shui.

You can find your own partial wealth position by using your zodiac sign. If you are a pig, your windfall is located at the southeast corner of your bed.

How did you find this?

The details are as follows:

Rats-True South;


Tigers-Southeast and Northwest;

Rabbits-Northeast and Southwest; Dragons-Northwest;


Horses-Southwest ;



Chicken-True East;

Dog-True North;


Friends who feel that their windfall is not prosperous, may wish to find their own partial wealth position based on your own zodiac, and then place a mascot that makes money prosperous. For example, the five-way wealthy cornucopia can bring you unexpected surprises!

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