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Why such bathroom you need to be careful?

Feng shui tips | Why Jack and Jill bathroom not good? One time customer call me for the Feng Shui service,When I get to the property ,the house is located on a cu de sac and a hill side,Left side is very high then right side, if left side is too high than right side ,which mean in Feng shui that will cause you loss money. But this is not the most important things that she want me to solve,Because she told me one of his boys cannot breath,I went to the bedroom ,I saw one bathroom was shared by two bedrooms ,that is what we call Jack and Jill bathroom ,Jack and Jill bathroom has a lot of problems that will affect to the people in the room,because Bathroom with the dirty energy,Also door to door facing each other already also cause arguments Feng Shui ,second the air flow twist around in this two bedrooms also Affect to peoples health and not listen ,Good Feng shui requires the air flow stabilize,Also the beds direct facing to the door that will cause a lot health problems,that is why one boys can not breath and one boy stomach hurt,The best solution Is remove one door and keep one door only , or temporarily solution is add add a door curtain to block the air flow from One room to another one,also add a Five coil Feng shui produce by the door ,This way will solve the problem.Most of the time that builder or designer build the house without Feng shui concept,it will cause Problems, So when you choice house you need to be careful,You can check out my website at to learn more about Feng Shui knowledge ,thank you for watching and I see you next time.📷

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