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Why shouldn't there be too many stones in the courtyard?

Properly arranging garden stones will greatly help improve the feng shui of the courtyard. However, the number and shape of the stones are taboo in feng shui theory. Sometimes they can cause fierce disasters. Once some strange-looking stones are mixed into the garden stones, it will bring disasters to the family.

Stones are ornaments, and some small garden stones are properly placed in the courtyard to increase the taste of the courtyard. But it should not be too much, otherwise it will increase the humidity and yin of the house; and in summer, it will absorb heat and dissipate heat, causing the house to become stuffy and unbearable. Garden stones are best matched with flowers and plants.

1. If too many stones are laid, the earthy atmosphere of the courtyard will be weakened or disappeared, so that the stones are filled with yin and cause damage to yang. 2. In the cold winter, the stones will inhale the heating during the day, which will increase the surrounding cold and reduce the temperature, which will cause the residence to feel colder and reduce the comfort of the residence, which is not conducive to the physical and mental health of the homeowner. 3. When it rains on a cloudy day, rocks will also hinder the evaporation of water, increase the production of moisture, and increase the yin atmosphere of the house. Moisture is a kind of evil spirit, which is not conducive to the fortune of the homeowner, and sometimes can cause illness.

In addition to feng shui reasons, there are other disadvantages to too many stones in the courtyard. For example: 1. In the hot summer, rocks will reflect considerable heat when exposed to sunlight. If the courtyard is covered with stones, the temperature 1 meter above the ground will almost reach 50 degrees Celsius. Such a high temperature is obviously not conducive to people's living. Besides, the stones hold a lot of heat and are not easy to dissipate heat. Even at night, they will feel abnormally hot and suffocating, making people feel suffocated and bored. In severe cases, they will have heat stroke. For example, some houses now have concrete roofs, which will become sultry and unbearable at night in the summer. The same principle applies.

2. If there are strange and strange stones in the courtyard stones, such as the shape of people or animals, or if there are feldspars blocking the way in front of the gates of houses, it will affect people's psychology. Some stones also generate magnetic fields, which affect people's physical and mental health. Besides, if there are too many rocks in the courtyard, the chance of a person's sprain will increase.

If you want to lay stones in the courtyard, you have to consider the above factors, and I suggest you: 1. The stone landscape of the courtyard should be made of artificial materials, such as sculptures, stone carvings, wood carvings, bonsai, fountains, rockeries, etc. The soft landscape in the shape of greenery and water body takes care of each other, so that it can not only beautify the courtyard, but also conform to the Tao of Feng Shui.

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