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Why buying a house, you must check Feng Shui?

Feng Shui seems to be magical, and something that doesn't exist. It is incredible. Is Feng Shui really that credible? To rent and buy a house depends on Feng Shui? Does Feng Shui really depend on buying a house? But now that it can be left after five thousand years of history, there must be a reason for its existence. When looking at Feng Shui, you must understand the following conditions: 1. The surrounding environment is the quality; the quality of buying a house determines your future quality of life. 2. The orientation of the house is wealth; the decline and prosperity of the orientation and the size of the Mingtang determine the size and amount of income. 3. Region is status; wealth does not represent status. It is the region that determines your status. 4. The layout of the house is life; including financial management, disease, temper, study, family harmony, etc.

Is it really important to buy a house and look at Feng Shui?

"Door, master room, and kitchen" are the three major elements of home decoration. The smooth circulation of indoor air is also one of the most important factors. The house is like a human body, and the functions of various indoor parts are like the various organs of the human body, with metabolism. In particular, the doors and windows symbolize the mouth and nose of the house. Only moderate air can circulate smoothly in various spaces in the room, and people living in it can get the nourishment of healthy and balanced air, and then all aspects can be healthy and stable.

The happiness of the bedroom as a family depends on the degree of harmony between the husband and wife. Then, the layout of the bedroom where the couple live is the key. Since it is a bedroom, the most important point is the placement of the bed. There are four auspicious positions in the school, and the beds can be placed in a reasonable place based on the fate of the husband and wife.

The study room is a place for reading and studying, and the wisdom of the family. It should pay attention to lighting and good ventilation, and the position of the desk should be placed in Wenchang.

The living room is a place for the family to rest, entertain and communicate with the outside world. It determines the relationship between the family and the society and the development of the career. The layout should be elegant and stable. The living room should be located in front of the entire house.

The kitchen symbolizes the family’s wealth and food. First of all, the space is required to be as wide and comfortable as possible, well ventilated, and clean and tidy. The location of the stove and faucet must be placed in Kyrgyzstan, so the kitchen in this position can drive the fortune and all aspects of the family development of.

The toilet is a place for the whole family to excrete waste. The toilet should be located in a suitable location, and it should not be opposite to the kitchen door, nor directly opposite the door, otherwise it will affect the health of the whole family and the development of fortune.

The color of home decoration should first meet the requirements of Feng Shui, but also pay attention to folk customs.

Analyzing from the basis of Feng shui, in the matching of indoor home decoration and color, it is the best to choose the color that is compatible with each other according to the substances represented by the five elements, and the color of mutual restraint should be avoided as much as possible.

Half of life is spent at home. Home furnishing is a small universe where people live. The color of home furnishing will have an impact on the development of all aspects of residents. Fengshui is most concerned with the balance of the five elements of yin and yang. Therefore, in the indoor home decoration color, it is required to be consistent with the function of the room and avoid conflicts. The five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and soil are respectively white, blue, black, red and yellow Correspondingly, harmony is a symbol of auspiciousness, and mutual restraint is evil.

Due to the many requirements and conditions of feng shui for a good house, it is best to ask a professional feng shui master to check for you when buying a house, so that you can live in peace of mind, and your family, career, and wealth will be guaranteed!

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