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Why are employees disobedient? Might want to check the color of your ceiling

Regardless of store or home decoration and/or feng shui is very related, especially when it costs a lot of money to decorate the store, the interior layout and feng shui are very important, but the color is also very important because the color of the ceiling and the color of the floor are wrong. It will affect the attitude of employees towards the boss. Generally speaking, the color of a good feng shui ceiling is lighter than the floor. If the color of the ceiling is darker than that of the floor, the employees will not listen to the boss's instructions and make their own decisions. The ceiling is made of black and the floor is decorated with light colors. Because there is no color darker than black, you will encounter some more domineering employees who do not listen to the boss's command. Maybe you encounter some more senior employees who make their own decisions and make the boss very uncomfortable. Headache, so whether it is the decoration of home or store or company, the color of the ceiling should be very careful!

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