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Which Feng Shui is good for women?

Whether a woman’s life is happy is closely related to what kind of husband she marries. If her husband loves her and her children are filial, then a woman will live a life of peace and happiness; if she marries a husband who often stays away at night and ignores herself, she is afraid of constant quarrels and restlessness. Many women are troubled by men's affair, troubled by the rebellion of their children, and troubled by poor family luck. If you want to build a warm home with love, it is better to seek the help of Feng Shui masters.

Feng Shui is all-encompassing, studying the career of men and the happiness of women. Therefore, if a woman wants to have a warm home and a life of happiness and comfort, she must have Feng Shui to solve problems and protect her. Below, we will analyze for women from the disadvantages of residential feng shui, which residential design structures hinder you from having a happy family.

1. Southwest of the residence

In the housing position, the southwest representing Kun Fang is the hostess. The position should be intact. If there is any defect, the position of a woman in the home will decline day by day, and she will not be able to control her late husband or rebellious child. And interpersonal relationships will decline and everything will go wrong. Even worse, health problems may occur. Therefore, if you are facing the above problems, it is better to check the structure of the southwest of your home. If there are defects, it is best to ask a Feng Shui master to solve the Feng Shui problem for you, so as not to cause the decline of family, career, and wealth. It is too late to regret.

2. Floor Feng Shui

The floor in the home has a great influence on women. If the floor feng shui is not good, even if you are rich and wealthy, you will be sick and mentally poor. The material and color of the floor should be chosen according to the hostess's numerology preferences. If numerology like wood, you can choose wooden floor, if numerology like soil, you must have stone floor. The choice of color should be based on numerology favors and taboos to choose some darker tones, it is best to avoid using bright colors. In addition, the floor should be flat and not too smooth, if it is easy to cause fall accidents. feng shui

Since ancient times, women have been proud of being diligent and thrifty, and cooking is one of the criteria for judging whether a woman is a competent wife. Therefore, the kitchen has a close relationship with women. Kitchen feng shui is more exquisite, handle it well and wish a woman luck, if it is not handled well, it will show signs of decline. First of all, the kitchen door cannot directly face the entrance door. This pattern not only harms the health of the hostess, but also is not conducive to gathering wealth. Secondly, do not directly face the bedroom door. The conflict between the two is not good for the relationship between husband and wife, and will cause restlessness in the family home. Facing the toilet door is a very unfavorable Feng Shui pattern. This pattern is incompatible with water and fire, and it is easy to bring evil. It is not conducive to wealth and health.

The stove owner eats food. The people regard food as the sky, and people have had the habit of worshiping the kitchen monarch since ancient times. Therefore, there must not be a feng shui pattern of beams pressing on the stovetop. Otherwise, all aspects of the fortune of the hostess will be adversely affected. Furthermore, the back of the stove must be against a solid wall.

4.master bedroom Feng Shui

The bedroom is a place to rest and sleep, so Feng Shui is very useful. Good feng shui in the bedroom is conducive to the harmonious development of the relationship between the couple and the physical and mental health. If it is affected by feng shui, it will lead to marriage disagreement and quarrels will become commonplace. The size of the bedroom should be appropriate. If the size of the bedroom is too large, there will be too many windows. Only a bedroom where the atmosphere of Feng Shui gathers is conducive to the love and smooth development of the relationship. In addition, the shape of the bedroom and the light are all feng shui. It is best to ask a Feng Shui master to adjust and repair residential Feng Shui to have a better Feng Shui environment and a warmer family atmosphere.

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