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Where is Tai Sui Located in 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Where is Tai Sui in 2020

In 2020 is the year of the rat ,if you know a little feng shui and you should know the position of Tai Sui will change each year. The position of the star sign will also change every year. Changed. Last year in 2019, the year of the Tai Sui was the northwest , where is the location of the year of the Tai Sui in 2020? Let's analyze today's position and taboos in 2020.

Tai Sui's position will be north of 2020

Many people calculate the year in the Gregorian calendar in 2020. In the lunar calendar, it is the year of the Gengzi. To find the location of the Chinese zodiac, it is necessary to know which year of the zodiac the year is. In 2020, the Tai Sui star will be in the rat's house, which is north. ,There are also many people in the private sector who have talked about the inexorable experience If the door of the house is in the north, moving are likely to occur. If the construction is in the north, it will easily cause the family luck to form unfavorable feng shui, so if you know the location of Tai Sui, you should avoid the Feng Shui dilemma caused by the north of your home in time.

Tai Sui location should be quiet,DO NOT MOVE !

In 2020 the Tai Sui - North location, it is NOT suitable to remodeling or any construction, So as not to anger the Tai Sui, and causing a series of disasters. Not too stingy, but magnetic field induction, once the balance of the five elements in the natural law is broken, it is easy to cause disasters, if you have committed an Tai Sui (Zodiac rat, rabbit, snake, sheep) in 2020, keep in mind that the car should not be parked in the NORTH, and you should avoid the old side when you travel. The goal of the route is just north of the road. We must pay attention to the road conditions and focus on safety.

To cure the Tai Sui ,you can put a Tai Sui plate on the door or in the room.

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