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When you opens the door to see the stairs how to resolve?

In modern houses, every family has stairs, which are our links to different floors.

In real life, stairs are very convenient to use, but in residential feng shui, they are not very auspicious.

Then, in Feng Shui, how to resolve the situation of opening the door and seeing the stairs?

The door is opposite to the elevator, which will have a certain impact on the wealth of your family. The most serious situation is that no matter how much money you make, you will soon lose money.

Opening the door and seeing the stairs can be divided into two situations. One is that the stairs you see are going down. The health of the host family will be greatly affected. The solution: a threshold of about three inches high should be added at the gate, a feng shui mascot should be placed, and a porch or screen should be set up indoors.

Another case is that the stairs seen are upwards. This situation will make the main family's fortune very poor, and the money will be scattered. Solution: You can hang a concave mirror on the lintel, repair the threshold, and place Feng Shui objects. If conditions permit, you should set up a porch or screen indoors.

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