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What kind of painting should I hang on the porch?

The feng shui of the entrance hall is the key point of home decoration. In home decoration, many people regard the living room as the center point of home decoration, but in fact, the focus of home decoration Feng Shui is to hang pictures in the entrance hall and entrance. , The entrance is a transitional stage from the gate to the living room. The significance of setting the entrance is to prevent the qi in the home from escaping through the hall. In Feng Shui, it is believed that this will ruin the home and make it difficult to keep the wealth. Therefore, it is necessary to make a entrance to Block, prevent the treasures in the home from going out, and the exhaust gas and evil spirits outside the house from entering the home

Entrance decoration painting Feng Shui

Blossoming rich peony illustration

As the national flower to be determined, the peony is graceful and luxurious, with large and beautiful flowers, implying wealth and auspiciousness. This is a common theme in many home decoration paintings. The peony is blooming and it is very vigorous. Hanging the peony shows the prosperity of the whole family. In addition, you can hang paintings such as welcoming pine, Songhe Yannian or plum blossoms.

Hundred birds facing the phoenix painting

Hundreds of birds and phoenixes imply nobleness, the hope of all, and the meaning of Taiming's prosperity. Hundred birds facing the phoenix can bring peace and wealth to the family.

Poetic landscape painting

Landscape painting reflects the beauty of nature and is a kind of natural scenery that exists obje

ctively. This beauty comes from nature. The beauty and majestic momentum of mountain paintings can enhance the overall image of the family and bring wealth to the family.

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