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What is the relationship between plant death and Feng Shui?

Everyone knows that feng shui is the study of the harmony and unity of man and the natural environment. The core of feng shui is to achieve the realm of "yin and yang balance" so that the environment and people are in harmony. Natural plants, like humans, are living bodies, and they all have a certain dependence on the environment. The growth of plants is inseparable from the natural environment such as sunlight, temperature, humidity, water and air circulation.

If the environment is good, feng shui is basically the same. Good feng shui can only obtain the energy for growth. Therefore, plants and feng shui are related.

Does the frequent death of plants have something to do with Feng Shui?

The frequent death of plants may be related to your planting methods. Plants are related to sunlight, temperature, humidity, water and air circulation, etc. It is also related to your daily maintenance. If you like dark plants, you put them in direct sunlight and like bright If you put the plants in the shade, the temperature and humidity are either too high or too low, over-watering or drying out, these factors are the causes of plant death.

And what we want to say is that even if these maintenance methods are all right, death still occurs. This is related to poor feng shui at home.

For example, if the home is too bright or too bright, the plants will not grow well if the Yin and Yang are not coordinated. The same is true for people. Excessive yang will cause irritability, and too heavy yin will make people depressed and unhappy. The imbalance of yin and yang will naturally affect people's fortune.

There is also the wrong position of the plants. Feng Shui is very azimuthal. In different directions, its magnetic field effect is different, and plants will die under the influence of the magnetic field. Maybe you change the position. The same is true for people, where is your auspicious position and where is your fierce position, you also need to pay attention.

Which aspects of Feng Shui problems may occur when plants die frequently?

So here comes the question. Which aspects of the home might have feng shui problems when plants often die? This requires adjustment of the home environment, such as the placement of furniture, and the promotion of vitality energy. The second is that there is a certain evil spirit, such as the interference of energy caused by some things placed, or the evil spirit caused by bad things from the outside, which needs to resolve the influence of the evil spirit. The third is that the magnetic field is unstable. There is the influence of the azimuth magnetic field of Fengshui, and the influence of the magnetic field radiated by some radioactive materials, which can be adjusted by placing corresponding Fengshui products.

What are the feng shui exquisites for growing plants?

Everything has spirituality, and plants have their own lives. Only healthy and lush plants can bring good luck to the family. Planting plants is exquisite in Feng Shui.

For example, the living room is a place to gather wealth. Living broad-leaved plants should be placed in the living room, which can promote family harmony and make money. Note that plants should not be too large, large plants are likely to make people feel oppressive.

It’s like a bedroom again. The bedroom should not be placed with strong scent of flowering plants. The scent is too strong and can easily stimulate the human nervous system. Flowering plants can cause pollen allergies and are easy to have an affair. It is best not to put them in the bedroom. Health is affected.

The balcony is well ventilated and there is sunlight to grow plants, but don't block the light and air circulation in the home, just plant it according to the orientation of the balcony.

It should also be noted that withered or dead plants should be removed as soon as possible. Fake trees and flowers should not be placed. Not only will they be lifeless, they will also accumulate dust after a long time, which is not good for health.

Well, for most people who don’t understand Feng Shui, sometimes they don’t know if Feng Shui is good in their living environment, but as long as you observe some small details, you can probably judge one or two. All the theoretical knowledge of Feng Shui is not dead. Applicable conditions, don't randomly display, add inexplicable troubles to yourself, the plant placement and other details will tell you in the next article.

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