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What feng shui is bad for women's appearance?

Women are naturally beautiful. Women who love beauty must not only know how to dress, but also learn to avoid feng shui in the environment that is not conducive to glowing. So what are the Feng Shui that is bad for women's looks?

1. The makeup mirror is facing the bed, and the appearance will deteriorate naturally if you do not sleep well.

2. If the bed in the bedroom is not placed properly, the natural appearance will be affected due to poor sleep quality + poor fortune + poor health!

3. Air conditioning-the killer of women's looks

With the improvement of people's living standards, modern people's lives are getting better and better, and more and more household appliances have brought people a lot of material enjoyment, but at the same time they have brought a lot of negative impacts. For example, air conditioners can bring cool breeze in the hot summer, but improper use is bad for women’s skin. Because the wind will take away the moisture of the human skin and make the skin dry, it will have a negative effect after long-term use. Especially many white-collar ladies use the air conditioner at the company all day long and continue to use it at home. Fourteen hours of continuous use. Come over this summer. I didn't feel much change at that time. Then it will show up in autumn. Because the skin is not well maintained in the summer, the skin will be rough in the fall and lose its previous luster.

4. Dark and damp-a woman's worst enemy

The environment affects people, and different environments give people different feelings. I think everyone will feel the same about this. Therefore, we must be cautious when choosing a living space. The dark and humid environment in Feng Shui is regarded as the worst enemy of women. Good lighting can bring a glamorous face to a woman. If the economy permits, try not to choose a dark and damp house.

5. Irregular space-woman's heart hurt

A good painting will make everyone feel refreshed; a beautiful flower is pleasing to the eye; a beautiful song makes people sound tempting; a good feng shui environment will make people feel refreshed and refreshed. A beautiful and good environment gives people a positive, upward, and optimistic spirit. On the contrary, if you live in an unreasonable space, you will feel uncomfortable. In feng shui, not only pay attention to the actual environment, but also pay attention to the human spirit and psychological system. It is recommended that everyone, whether buying or renting a house, be careful not to choose an irregular house.

6. Noise-affect a woman's mood

Due to the rapid economic development, the real estate industry has also seen rapid growth, and housing prices have continued to rise. Many people are in this kind of worry. My client is one of them. Because I didn't have any money and I was using a loan, I looked around and bought a relatively cheap house, but the problem was discovered after I moved in. Because the house is on the eighth floor, opposite to the viaduct, she can't stand the noise from cars every day when she comes back from get off work. Upset, dryness, poor sleep, dreaminess. Recently, I had a quarrel with the leader in the company, and had a conversation with the customer. The mood fluctuates greatly every day, and the physiology is abnormal.

It can be seen how much noise affects women.

7. Muddy air-make a woman feel depressed

From the principle of Feng Shui, the house is like a human being. Water is like human blood; walls are like human skin; doors are like human mouths, and the circulation of air is like human respiratory system. The circulation of air is very important in Feng Shui. If people do not breathe, they cannot survive. If the air does not circulate in the house, it will produce stale air, if it takes a long time, it will become dead air. People living in it will get sick over time. Just like the qi and blood are blocked, air and sunlight will bring vitality to people. Therefore, in an environment with poor air circulation in daily life, too much turbidity is extremely unfavorable for women, because there is no fresh air and therefore lack of energy. The beauty of a woman without her beauty cannot be reflected.

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