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What are the taboos in the natal year of the ox in 2021?

The natal year is a year full of excitement for us. At a certain time, we will all experience this year. People in the natal year are in a downturn due to the influence of Tai Sui. So what should people pay attention to in the natal year of the ox in 2021? Are there any taboos?

   1. Be steadfast and do things

   In 2021, whether you are a person or doing things, you must maintain a serious attitude, do not be lazy, let alone have any opportunistic psychology. Because the original fortune in this year is particularly bad, only by spending more time and energy than others can you catch up with the results of others.

   2. Don't violate Feng Shui taboo

   In 2021, people in the genus of cattle must have a certain understanding of feng shui knowledge. Do not deliberately violate feng shui taboos because of some curiosity. This may be a dead end. For example, do not rest or entertain the Suipao and Tai Sui positions at home, but keep these two directions clean and tidy.

   3. Go to temples more often

During the natal year of 2021, people of the genus of cattle can go to temples more, which can help raise our aura and enhance our comprehensive fortune. More importantly, they can prevent evil things from being close, living and working. Will also become more comfortable.


   4.It is not suitable to get married in this year

   In the folk, marriage must choose the right auspicious day. During the natal year, there has always been a saying that if you are too lucky, there is no good for you. The natal year is also considered an unlucky year, so the older generation thinks it is not suitable to get married in the natal year.

  5. People who avoid fire in their birth year should not wear red clothes

   The idea of ​​wearing red in the year of the birth has been circulated to this day. People believe that red is a symbol of auspiciousness, enthusiasm, and celebration. At the same time, it also has the function of eliminating disasters, avoiding disasters, and dissolving evil spirits, helping the cattle to turn good luck and good luck in 2021.

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