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How to use feng shui to help prosperous children?

How to use feng shui to help prosperous children?

The descendants are the inheritance of one's own blood, and it is a very glorious thing if someone has cultivated outstanding and outstanding children. In addition to excellent schools and good family education, what other factors affect the healthy growth of children? Today we will take a look at how to help the fortune of Wang's children from the perspective of Feng Shui.

According to the home feng shui theory , there are several positions in the home that represent the fortunes of the children in the family, such as the children's school, marriage, career, wealth, health and other fortunes. First look at the first position:

The northeast of the overall house type: This position represents the position of descendants in the family, especially the position of the youngest boy in the family. If there is a missing corner here, most of the newlyweds will not give birth to a boy. Even if they have a boy, they will live in this type of apartment, which will cause the boy's healthy spleen, stomach, and limbs to suffer from unfavorable diseases. At the same time, this location should not be dirty or messy. It should be clean and bright. It is especially suitable for designing study rooms, bedrooms or Buddhist halls. This will not only help children’s health, but also help children’s learning and family Fortune of luck.

The east and north of the overall house layout: these two positions are for the boys in the house. They should be clean and bright at ordinary times, and there should be no missing corners, toilets, or messiness. Otherwise it will have an adverse effect on the boys' health.

The southeast, west and south of the overall house type: these three positions are the positions of the girls in the home, which affect the girls' physical and mental health. If there are girls in the home, these locations should be kept clean and sanitary as much as possible. In addition, there should be no pointed or thorny items.

Regarding the layout of the children’s bedroom, add some knowledge: If you choose a room with a balcony as your child’s bedroom, you should consider avoiding excessive sunlight and high temperature, otherwise it will affect your child’s mood and unable to study quietly; the head of the bed faces east and southeast Best, because the five elements in the east and southeast are wood, which is good for growth. If there are two or more children sharing a room in the family, having their heads facing the same will promote the feelings between them; the children’s bed should not be close to the door, Avoid the cross beams, do not get too close to the window sill, and let the head of the bed lean against the wall to ensure that the child sleeps peacefully.

Reminder: It is not recommended to paste too fancy wallpaper in the child's bedroom, nor to paste the strange monster pattern, which will easily make the child's heart irritable, especially the pictures of fights will easily make the child's temper irritable and impulsive. At the same time, do not place rich bamboos, rattan plants, rhododendrons, gardenias and other plants in the room. You can paste some decorative pictures and artwork pictures according to your children's preferences, which are conducive to cultivating children's open and quiet mind. You can also place some transport aids such as Wenchang Tower and Wenchang Seal to protect the healthy growth of children and help prosperity,Academic luck.

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