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These locations will cause big bankruptcy in 2021

There are good directions and bad directions every year. Keeping good directions and avoiding bad directions can make you successful. There are four directions in 2021. Don't provoke him. Otherwise, you will be bankrupt, injured, and accidental disasters are common

Five yellow (5)stars fly to the SOUTHEAST

Wuhuang Sha is mainly related to disasters and disasters. It is the most ferocious star. It represents accidents, disasters, diseases, injuries, deaths and other terrible events. The southeast is the most ferocious position, and it has an impact on the overall aura of the house. It has a very large impact, whether it is the health of the family, career, villain, wealth, etc. It will have a very large impact... Any house with doors, windows, seats, beds, and stoves located in the southeast will easily cause accidents this year Severe disasters require extra care. In 2021, the southeast is not suitable for groundbreaking and red or yellow items should not be placed. Fortunately, the five yellow stars and the five elements belong to the soil. In 2021, the house and the stars will be counteracted. This will greatly reduce the impact of the five yellow stars on the home fortune in 2021.

Sanbi quarrels (3) star to the SOUTHWEST

   In 2021, the Sanbi Star will fly to the southwest. This star is a star of right and wrong, and the attributes of the five elements are wood. It represents official and wrong, right and wrong, disputes and robbery. It is a fierce star in the Eighth Luck. If you do not pay attention to resolve and adjust, it may bring good and bad disasters, which is not good for your health, and the possibility of accidental risks accompanying your surroundings is greater. Usually you need to stay away from the southwest of your home, including daily office and study, and avoid walking in this direction when you travel, negotiate business, and sign contracts to avoid disasters. In 2021, the way to resolve the Sanbi Jupiter is to place more white home accessories in the southwest of the home to reduce the aggressiveness of the Sanbi Star. Do not use any big red elements, otherwise it will give birth to the power of the Sanbi Star.

Two black disease (2) stars to the NORTH

   In 2021, the two black stars will fly to the north. This star is in the eighth luck. It is a big evil star and the five elements belong to the earth. The two black stars are also known as the sick talisman. They bring disasters, disasters, and accidents, are not good for health, and can also cause larger diseases. Where the door, stove, sofa, and dining table are in this disease position, it may bring illness, the health of the family is also hit, and it will cause a series of complications. Usually, you need to clean this area frequently and maintain a good ventilation environment to avoid suffering from illness. Especially the elderly at home, need to avoid activities in this direction, so as not to aggravate the decline of health fortune, leading to frequent diseases.

Seven Red Pirate (7) Star to NORTHWEST

In 2021, the Qichi Star will fly to the northwest. The star is a fierce star. However, the Qichi Breakthrough Star is more beneficial to the sideline industries, such as host and celebrity. If you are engaged in these industries, you can make use of the Qichi Breakthrough Star. With the help, we can help our business to develop well, achieve both fame and fortune in the business, and make a lot of money. The northwest part of the home is easy to lose money, and it is necessary to avoid discussing business and investment in this direction, otherwise the progress of the incident will fail and the fortune of wealth will decline. You can place white or gray carpets in this position, or feng shui ornaments that exorcise evil and transform evil spirits, which can effectively crack the power of the Qichi Star

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