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Several feng shui factors why the male host has bad luck

Several feng shui factors why the male host has bad luck:

Whether a man's fortune is good or not depends on education, personal ability, dealing with people, and dealing with people, and Feng Shui is a key factor. Some people are very capable, amiable and decisive in dealing with others, etc. But the whole fortune does go up and down, If you are working hard, but your fortune is low, and there are many obstacles to doing things, then you must consider whether there is a problem with Feng Shui at home.

The feng shui factor of bad luck for the male owner is in the northwest direction.

In the Feng shui Bagua , the northwest is the head of the family, and the man is the god of the family. He has to maintain social relations outside and support the family and the elderly inside, so once there is a problem with this position, the fortune of a man will inevitably change. It is implicated, so the northwest orientation must be intact, and there should be no problems of bulge or depression.

If it is sunken, men have no status, and there are many obstacles in doing things outside. If it is protruding, men do not like to go home, and it is easy to provoke peach blossoms outside.

Northwest orientation cannot be dirty or kitchen.

There is a toilet in the northwest that is polluted in the dry palace, the male host has bad luck, a bad career, many waist problems, and poor kidney water. The northwest is the kitchen, so there is a suspicion of burning the heavenly gate, many limb injuries, and dangerous traffic. It also has adverse effects and influences on men's career and fortune.

Therefore, in Fengshui at home, this position is very important, and it is the main factor directly related to the prosperity and decline of men's careers.

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