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Rat's Overall Fortune in 2020

**Lucky colors for 2020 are blue and white

**Taboo colors for 2020 are yellow and cyan

1948 Rat

 Beginning in 2020, be careful of bronchial and liver diseases. Once dizziness and dyspnea occur, you should seek medical treatment in time. At the beginning of the year, your mind is complicated and easy to think wildly. It is recommended to contact more people of the same age in free time and talk to your family about your inner thoughts. Don't close your words and cause depression. You should maintain a peaceful mood in your daily life. When there is a dispute with your family, it is recommended to be patient and considerate.


1960 rat

 Entering 2020, your fortune will be stable. If you are not retired yet, your income is considerable, and there will be additional income and bonuses at the end of the year. But pay attention to eating habits, as you get older, you should reduce the number of entertainment, to avoid excessive intake of tobacco and alcohol. Don't be too dare to dwell on your children's private affairs. You can use your free time to go out and relax. Retired people will have good investment projects this year, and they will develop rapidly under the influence of fortune. However, it is recommended not to mistrust the words of the wicked, and refer to the opinions of family members in all matters. In terms of health, there were no major diseases, but accidents such as bleeding and injuries were unavoidable. You can use blood donation and teeth washing to resolve the evil spirits.


1972 Rat

Your Fortunes will fluctuate in 2020, and in the workplace are susceptible to interference by small people. There are not many opportunities for promotion and salary increase. But with good financial stability, plenty of time and few chores, you may wish to use your free time to enhance your expertise or choose a job opportunity with better prospects. Business people should pay attention to entering new industries and unfamiliar industries. Before investing in financial management, you must choose carefully, make preparations, count investment risks, quit rashness and irritability, maintain a balanced mood, and maybe there is an unexpected wealth coming. It is recommended not to be complacent when there are gains. This year's fortune fluctuates greatly. It is not suitable for long-term investment. Try to collect as soon as possible. Be careful not to lose money.


1984 Rat

In the first half of 2020, the wealth will decline, the business will fall into a bottleneck period, the work will be unstable and it will be easy to lose investment, the finances will undergo drastic changes. If the momentum is damaged, the setbacks cannot be faced, and eventually the fortune is irreversible. But as long as you reorient your career and formulate your career plan, you may be able to turn things around. In the middle of the year, the improvement of partial fortunes can appropriately invest in stocks and bonds, but do what you can, and you must not be strong for a while, let yourself fall into an economic crisis, or mistrust others to make wrong investments. Emotionally, there should be happy events this year. Singles have a lot of good fortune and no lack of the pursuit boy and girl friends. It is suggested that couples who have been dating for many years can consider planning the future.

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