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Nine places should not have mirrors !!

Do not place a mirror directly in front of the front door , as this will scare the door god and the God of Wealth away by the mirror, which means blocking the God of Wealth. In addition, if you are a businessman, your career will not go smoothly and your money will be over-loaned.

The mirror is on the ceiling, usually the people below will consume energy, money and your health

,so it's not recommended.

When a person is sleeping, he is the most relaxed and unsuspecting, so if he wakes up in the middle of the night and is frightened by himself in the mirror, it will hurt his soul. In addition, looking at the bed in the mirror can easily affect the relationship between husband and wife.

The mirror is easy to distract people who study in the desk, and the Emperor Wenchang, who rules Wenchang, doesn't like people reading while looking at the mirror, which is easy to cause problems.

When installing mirrors indoors, you must pay attention to the position of the mirror, and be careful not to face the place where you are sitting. If a mirror is directly facing the place where the sofa is sitting, part of the owner's Qi will be reflected, which will affect your health.

The mirror facing the toilet door will make the couple get into a dead end when dealing with things.

The situation where the mirror shines on the stove will create a conflict between the mirror god and the stove god, so it is easy for members of the family to suffer from physical illness.

If the mirror is facing the table of the gods, it will not only be disrespectful to the gods, but also cause bad evil spirits, causing the gods who originally stayed at home to protect you to leave due to the anger generated by the mirror.

Do not place a mirror on the wealth position in the living room, or the God of Wealth will be reflected away by the mirror god. Generally speaking, the wealth position in the living room is at the left and right corners where the door comes in.

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Great tips Roger. Please share places where we CAN place mirrors that is most auspicious. Thank you.

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