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Lunar August Monthly Feng Shui layout

The layout of Xuankong Fengshui is different every month. If you can follow the monthly Fengshui layout, you can make your luck more smoothly,How to do it?

The August of the lunar calendar is from September 7 to October 8, 2021

True East:

This year, the due east is four green woods, and this month, the due east is five yellow soils. The wood contaminates the soil and irritates the diseased stars. It is advisable to put a music box to vent the earthen wood.


This year, the southeast is five loess, and the southeast is six platinum this month. The gold can release the soil and the weak and sick stars. It is still better to ring the music box to eliminate the sick stars.

True South:

This year, due south is one white water, and this month due south is two black soil. For tracheal problems, music boxes should be used to resolve the problems, and red objects should be used for abdominal problems.


This year, there are three green trees in the southwest, and four green trees in the southwest this month. Three encounters and four o'clock are both prosperous and prosperous.

Positive West:

This year, due west is the Babai soil, and this month due west is the Jiu Zihuo.


This year, the northwest is Qichijin, and the northwest is Babaitu this month. It is beneficial to the fortune at seven o'clock on eight occasions.

True North:

This year, the true north is the second black soil, this month the true north is the three green woods, and the second encounter and the third are bullfighting and litigation. It is advisable to put music boxes to vent the earthen wood.


This year there is nine purple fires in the northeast, and one white water in the northeast this month. The fighting between water and fire is detrimental to emotions. Plants should be used to dissolve them.

Central Palace:

This year the middle palace is six platinum, and this month the middle palace is seven red gold. Six encounters with seven are easy to see the damage, so you should put a glass of water to dissolve it.

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