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How to succeed in making money in 2021?

The changes of the flying stars in the Nine Houses every year have caused the family’s good and bad positions to change. Among them, the position of wealth, the position of the god of joy, and the position of Wenchang are the lucky stars, which should be arranged first. Violent positions should also be resolved. If you want to have good luck in 2021, you must know how to arrange your home environment and improve your home Feng Shui. Of course, you must first know the changes in the new year's Nine House Flying Stars chart. Let’s first analyze how to lay out the good stars location.

#Four green stars to the EAST

In 2021, the four-green star will fly to the east. The five elements of the star are of wood. It related to test, literary talent, fame and academics, etc., can also attract good relationships and love and popularity. The star is beneficial to students or literary workers, and can help students improve their academic performance, so that they can focus more on their studies and play their original level. In addition, it is also conducive to writing, creating, and completing good works. Four Green Star is a lucky star, but if it is not used carefully, it may also cause people to be upset and have emotional problems. For the four green stars, you can move the child’s desk or the desk of a clerical creator to the east of the home. It is not suitable to place dark objects, such as black tablecloths and carpets, which will not be conducive to the promotion of fortune.

#Eight White Fortune Stars to the WEST

In 2021, the Eight White Star will fly to the West. The star is a prosperous wealth star. The five elements belong to the territory. It is mainly in charge of real estate, entrepreneurship, salary and wealth, etc. It is also a big wealth this year. Friends who want to make a fortune must make good use of it. This direction. First find out where the west is in your home, and then place some auspicious jewelry in this direction to help gather wealth. However, you need to be careful not to set the bathroom in this position to prevent excessive water vapor, adverse consequences, affecting the improvement of wealth, and even the decline of wealth will cause serious damage to career feelings.

#One white star to the SOUTH

In 2021, #One white star will fly to the south, and the five elements are water. A good layout can improve wealth, popularity, and official luck; improper layout may also cause emotional problems, impaired health, and decline in wealth. It is recommended that singles put their beds in the south of their homes, which can increase popularity and bring good luck. Married people can have a happy family, harmonious emotions, and a good relationship between husband and wife. They usually need to participate in weddings or festive occasions to be happy, avoid going to places with heavy anger, and avoid incurring trouble.

#Nine purple Star to the NORTHEAST

In 2021, the nine purple star will fly to the northeast. The star is a first-class festive star, and the five elements belong to fire. If it can be used and adjusted, all kinds of marriages and celebrations will also make the family home prosperous and the family healthy. This year is a good time to get married and have children. You can take advantage of the source of power to boost your family’s happiness and promote harmony in the family atmosphere. In order to have a long and happy marriage, newlyweds can hang their wedding photos in the northeast of the home to promote the love of the couple and soon welcome the arrival of children. It can help expand interpersonal relationships, bring better luck for the nobles, and develop better career and wealth. Although This star is a lucky star, once the layout is improper, it will easily cause getting angry, headaches, and spleen and stomach diseases.

Every year, the layout of Feng Shui is necessary. If you don’t understand something, you can ask a professional teacher to help with the layout, and it will be smooth in 2021.

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