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How to see if the layout of the home is good ??

7 steps to self-assess the feng shui of the house

No matter if you just bought a house or lived there for a long time, people will want to know whether the layout of their house is good or not. How can we improve feng shui by changing the decoration and furnishings of the home when the layout of the room is difficult to change?

  1. depending on whether the house is missing corners, if your house is missing corners, especially the northwest or southwest corner, then the couple is very unfavorable.

2. Is the orientation of the house appropriate? For example, if the orientation is 15 degrees north to east (15 degrees south to west), the house will step on the ghost gate line. The main culprit affects not only affection but also health and fortune. .

3. It also depends on the structure of the house, for example, whether the bedroom is northwest or southwest of the house, whether the bedroom door is facing the bathroom or kitchen door or other door, whether there is a mirror in the bedroom, and whether the bedroom should be placed. Things such as masks; whether there are beams in the room; whether the furniture is placed according to the principle of left to right; whether the kitchen stove and the sink are on the same line, etc., these will greatly affect each other's feelings.

4. Which plants are placed in the house? Where you put it is also particular about it. If your destiny has too much wood, it is not suitable to place plants; if you lack of wood, you need to place plants, and you also need to place wide-leaf plants, and you cannot place vines and spines. And it should be noted that usually a plant cannot be placed alone in a room to prevent falling into a "difficulty " situation.

5, careless placement of the fish tank will also affect the feelings, usually the fish tank should be placed in the house's weak position rather than the prosperous position. And the texture, shape, height, color, fish species, number of fish, etc. of the fish tank must be matched.

6, to survey the calligraphy and paintings and crafts hanging in the house. As the saying goes, everything has a spirit, and the content of calligraphy and painting is inappropriate or carelessly placed, which can also lead to problems of emotional marriage.

7. In addition to the internal layout of the house to comply with the basic principles of Feng Shui, pay attention to whether the surrounding environment outside your house is beneficial to you. For example, if there are viaducts, high-voltage lines, downtown areas, curved roads, and civil works underway outside the house, it will affect affection and marriage.

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