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How to prosper in 2022?Feng Shui Layout your Northeast

Prosperity in 2022

The Northeast (Babai Zuofu Star) is a big financial position in 2022: it can prosper wealth and work luck.

The Babai Zuo auxiliary star flies to the northeast, and the northeast is the geomantic position of 2022. When the prosperous star arrives, it is the most prosperous position of the year, and also the financial position of the year. The eight white left auxiliary stars are beneficial to promotion and wealth, etc. The eight white left auxiliary stars are of the earth and the five elements belong to the earth. Dangwang Fortune Star, in addition to the fortune and luck, is also the master of good fortune.

Prosperity method: The prosperous seat should open the door and window, and the seat, bed, and stove are in the prosperous side. If the door, bedroom, or office are in this position, you can put a red or purple carpet at the door to assist in prospering. In 2020, brave ornaments can be placed in this position, so that the five elements can grow together, prosper fortune, avoid bankruptcy, and at the same time have the functions of recruiting and preserving wealth.

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