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How to lose weight by Feng Shui! 6 Feng Shui weight loss techniques, use Feng Shui to help you lose

From the perspective of numerology, some people are born slim and don't get fat no matter how they eat; while some people are born with plump body, no weight loss is easy to achieve results.

Obesity can greatly affect a person's image and temperament. In this age when appearance is very important, obesity can also make you feel "lazy in life", "no willpower", and "untrustworthy". Therefore, many people are trying to lose weight. Diet, exercise, very hard.

Today teach you 6 Feng Shui weight loss techniques! Hurry up and learn!

Feng Shui Slimming Technique No. 1:

The kitchen is located in the north and people tend to get fat. You may not know that you can put green plants to decorate the whole space with green. Keep the entire kitchen space clean and tidy and not messy.

The kitchen is a place for cooking food. The five elements belong to the fire. The kitchen located in the north of the home, the water and fire are mutually restrained, which is not conducive to healthy eating. At the same time, in the kitchen decoration, green is the main color, wood is the main decoration material, and the five elements are mutually generated and restrained. On the one hand, wood is used to consume the power of northern water, and on the other hand, wood is used to create a kitchen fire to achieve a certain five elements. balance.

Home Feng Shui Slimming Technique No. 2:

To lose weight, please place a mirror next to the dining table while eating.

Put a mirror on the dining table, and the food on the dining table will be reflected in the mirror, which will give the diners the feeling of a double meal, which will give the diners a feeling of abundance of meals; and when eating, you can see your image from time to time. Remind diners to control their diet. This is the Feng Shui method that uses the mind to lose weight.

Home Feng Shui Slimming Technique No. 3:

Keep the pipes in your home. If the sewer is blocked or other pipes are blocked, repair them in time and do not delay.

The pipes in the home are like the human body's circulatory system. Water inlet pipes, sewer pipes, and heating pipes not only provide the necessities of life, but also have the meaning of affecting the circulation of the occupants. If the pipeline is not blocked, the circulatory system will have a problem. If the row cannot be discharged, it will naturally be accumulated in the body and obesity will inevitably occur.

Home Feng Shui Slimming Technique No. 4:

The toilet cannot be located in the center of the house. The bathroom should be well ventilated so that stale air can be discharged and fresh air can enter. At the same time, you can put some green potted plants in the bathroom, which can strengthen the owner's metabolism in Feng Shui.

The bathroom is the source of pollution in the home. If it is located in the central Tai Chi position, it will cause the pollution of the central Tai Chi Feng Shui taboo, which will not only seriously affect the family's fortune, but also adversely affect the family's fat and thin problems.

At the same time, keeping the toilet clean and fresh, ventilated and dry, helps avoid puffiness caused by body metabolism problems. The five elements of green plants belong to wood, and the relationship between the five elements of aquatic wood consumes the water in the bathroom and reduces the factors of puffiness in the human body.

Home Feng Shui Slimming Technique No. 5:

If you are the hostess of the house, please look at whether there are convex corners or oval balconies in the southwest or southeast; if you are the youngest daughter of the house, look at whether there are convex corners or oval balconies in the west. Green plants can achieve the effect of weight loss.

All in all, if you want to be thin, please put more green plants on your balcony, bathroom and kitchen.

Home Feng Shui weight loss method No. 6:

It is best to choose the bedroom facing the sun, and the sun enters the room in the morning. Such a space can wake up the body in time and have a greater chance of entering deep sleep. Good sleep is a key to weight loss. You can choose light and warm colors when decorating, and do not design too complicated in the room, which can effectively improve the possibility of weight loss.

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