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How to know if the house you buy will make money?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Real estate is the biggest investment project we come into contact with in our daily life. When we want to buy real estate, whether it is for our own living, investment or company commercial use, we must understand the importance of house Feng Shui, and we must understand what this house is Good or bad? Will it make money? Is the family living in peace? Also understand who the previous people live? Where did they move? If the previous person made money and bought a bigger house, of course, this house is still good for now, but if it is a bank own house or the previous person goes bankrupt, then basically if you don’t know anything about Feng Shui If you don’t know how to improve, I still advise you not to buy this real estate lightly, because then you must be the one who will suffer. Sometimes in order to take advantage of it, you will suffer a lot.

What kind of real estate will make money? We must know that good real estate in Feng Shui must be high on the left and low on the right, that is, your neighbor’s left is high and the right is low, or the house in front of you is high on the left and low on the right. If you don’t have a higher one, you should at least make sure that the house in front of you is high on the left and low on the right. This kind of house basically has 50% of the good feng shui conditions. The other 50% condition is of course that the direction of the whole house and the position of the door must be prosperous. It must be in the best position, because if the direction is not prosperous, the door is not open to the right place. Basically, no matter how good you are for the whole house, even if it is a rented house, you may not receive the rent or you will be charged. , Because he lives in this house and there is no good luck at all. There will be problems with fortune, so whether it is looking for an investment house or his own house, it is important to understand the importance of Feng Shui and know that this house can make If you make money or lose money, if you buy a house with bad feng shui, you will be unlucky .

So you have to pay attention to the orientation of the house when you buy a large shopping center or a company warehouse. You must understand the position of the door to open, these basic conditions, of course, if you don’t understand, you still have to ask a Feng Shui master to help you see, so that you will not lose a lot of money, real estate investment is basically the biggest for us ordinary people If you are not careful about investing, you may be the next unlucky person.

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