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How to create a good Feng Shui living room?

According to the theory of Feng Shui, the direction of the living room is often the brightest place in the house, facing the road or square, which is equivalent to the facade of a person, so try to be wide, bright, and airy. When standing in the room and looking out, it is not Any bad objects are the criterion

In feng shui, the living room should be in the front or center of the house,if it is placed at the back of the house, as if the eyes are covered, the owner is easily confused. And remember, it must be bright in the front to prosper your wealth, and too dark will shrink your wealth. In addition, as a living room, it should be spacious, the more spacious, the bigger the window, the brighter and more airy, the endless, the more breath, the more prosperous the wealth.


first of all, all the furniture in the living room should not be on the aisle. Sofas and coffee tables are best placed in a square or circle to form a complete pattern.

Secondly, the left hand side of the living room (if the living room faces south and north, the left hand is west, and so on), it is suitable for placing broad-leaved tall potted plants, and the right hand side is suitable for placing antiques, gems, trophies and other heavy objects, or more than the left The slightly shorter potted plants form a pattern of wealth with a green dragon on the left and a white tiger on the right.

As for the middle position of the living room, of course, the brighter the better, you must leave an open space and put as few things as possible to let the wealth flow. If you want to put decorations, you can choose small potted plants or small flowers, which can attract noble people and peach blossoms. Don't enlarge potted plants or prickly cacti, which will cause quarrels between lovers.

Furniture selection

All things and colors that human eyes see emit invisible energy. Excessively luxurious and colorful living room, it is easy for the host to not like stay home,as the living room, on the top of the room, or directly above the sofa and chairs, do not hang any large crystal lamps ,it will cause many male hosts do not like to stay at home,they always want to go out and find friends to socialize and drink, which is the fault of decoration.

Secondly, if the lighting is large in volume, you must pay special attention to it. There can be no sofa, desk, piano, etc., because it will affect your health. If the lighting is light and thin, such as fluorescent lamps or bi-lamps, it does not matter.

Living room light

The light in the living room should be as bright as possible, the more air circulates, the better, so the window should be as large as possible. Of course, the lighting in the living room should not be overly bright, making it look like an office, which tends to make people feel nervous.

Living room color

Warm colors are the best choice to give family a sense of intimacy. The colors between household items should not be too strong and sudden.

Feng Shui is very particular about gathering qi, thinking that a living room that can gather qi has the function of prosperity; for the decoration design of the living room, the teacher recommends mastering the following feng shui principles to create a good living room layout!

1. Bright daylight, unobstructed gas field, and good luck

Therefore, in addition to the square layout of the living room, the lighting must be sufficient and bright, and the air circulation must be comfortable and unobstructed; a healthy, lively, energetic, and emotionally stable space naturally also helps to improve fortune.

2.Set up the wealth corner

The rule of Feng Shui ,The diagonal corner after you enter your home,The best pattern is to have a solid wall with a wide open arms around the 45-degree angle on the left and right sides of the door. This means that you can gather energy and gather money. In the design, opaque curtains or partitions can be used as barriers to create the effect of hiding wind and air.

3. Avoid decorating large mirrors and the family's emotions are not scattered

It is not recommended to set up a mirror in the living room on Feng Shui. The main reason is that the mirror will have the effect of reflecting and pushing away. The family’s walking activities in the living room will inevitably cause shadows to shake, and privacy is easy to be exposed, which makes people subconsciously produce uneasy and nervous emotions, resulting in failure to relax completely Or stay in the living room for a long time.

4. Leaning sofa against the wall

As far as the living room sofa is concerned, if you are sitting at the door or walking on the moving line, it is easy to cause anxiety and tension, and you can’t sit still; if the sofa is behind the door or window, it will become unreliable and easy to be framed.

Therefore, the best layout of the living room is to arrange the sofa in the non-moving line, so that the back of the sofa is against the wall, and the left and right fronts are the door entrances, so that the 180° viewing angle of the sofa is stable and able to grasp the moving line;

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