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How do women improve their Feng Shui luck?

A woman is the feng shui of the family. Whether a family is happy and safe, and whether the offspring can be successful, has a lot to do with the behavior of the mistress in the family. The mother's care of the children is never replaced by others. The key is that as a woman at home, how can we adjust her home feng shui so that the hostess’s marriage, family, and wealth fortune are smooth?

First of all, we must solve several feng shui problems that affect women's status, health, and wealth fortune:

1. The bedroom is too dark and damp

The bedroom is too dark and damp, preventing light from entering the room. This will lead to insufficient indoor yang. In addition to being harmful to health, if there are unmarried girls living in the family, it is easy to lead to withdrawn personality and it is difficult to know a good marriage partner

2.The bed head has no support

If the bedroom does not lean against the wall behind the headboard, this layout can easily lead to late marriage or failure to marry girls in the family. Not only does it mean that she has no sense of stability behind the bed, it also indicates that it is difficult for her to find a reliable man to marry.

3. The bathroom or kitchen is converted into a bedroom

Some large-area houses generally have two bathrooms. Some people turn the extra bathroom or kitchen into a bedroom because the bedroom in the home is not enough. In addition to easily causing the girl in the family to not get married, it can even cause The family members who live there have mental problems.

4, Put a diagonal mirror in the bedroom

Placing a slanted mirror in the bedroom can easily lead to deviations in people's thinking, causing many weird ideas to appear in the minds of people living in it. For example, girls are prone to single thoughts and cannot get the peach blossoms they deserve. Therefore, a long time will definitely be disadvantageous to the marriage.

5, the house is missing the northwest corner

If the house where a woman lives lacks the northwest corner, that’s not good, because the northwest represents information about men, and it’s men who are looking for people. If there is no information about men in the house, how can they contact men? Circumstances cause many girls to be single, which should be taken seriously.

6. The wife does not cook for a long time

The kitchen is the source of food and money, and also the wealth of the house, representing the hostess. Its layout directly affects the health and wealth of the family. If wife does not cook for a long time. The loss of the role of a woman affects the emotions of the husband and wife. One of the most important life content of a man has not been "implemented." Very disadvantaged for women's status and role.

The above six points are common feng shui problems that are unfavorable to women in the family. If there are any of the above problems, you should improve them as soon as possible to help your health and fortune.

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