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Horse's overall fortune in 2020

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Lucky colors are yellow, apricot, and silver. yellow

Taboo colors are red, purple, and green

Horses born in different horse years have different fortune

Horse in 1942

The zodiac horse entering 2020 has a poor mental state, often feels powerless, suffers from severe memory decline, volatile moodiness, stubborn personality, likes to interfere with children's private affairs, often has disputes with family members, and is easily tortured by illness. As you get older, your functions will decline, your stomach, liver, and other functions will weaken, and your body will have more or less symptoms. It is recommended that you pay attention to your diet and maintain a balanced nutrition. Participating in activities is good for the body and mind. Remember not to go out alone and be careful of unexpected situations.


Horse in 1954

The zodiac horse entering 2020 has poor luck, is disturbed by evil spirits, has more health problems, and is prone to getting sick in bed. With a lonely personality and an empty heart, he is unwilling to deal with people and alienate his family. It is suggested that such horsemen should learn to release the pressure of life, spend more time with friends and confidants, communicate with others, and talk to people more naturally. In terms of money, it is recommended not to worry about it, not to invest in stocks and bonds, be careful to get involved in fraud traps, do not trust others to buy useless health supplies, and family members should pay attention to the changes in the elderly's mind.


Horse in 1966

The zodiac signs in 2020 are generally fortune-telling, and there are many wicked obstacles in the cause of the business, leading to slow progress in business expansion, poor performance, disagreement with the ideal and leadership, and less revenue and more revenue, and severe financial damage. People who do business are not recommended to expand their fields this year, and make more use of social occasions to make friends with you. In free time, you can take courses related to the industry, enhance insights and professional knowledge, maintain a humble attitude, and listen to the opinions of others in the team. Don't overdo it. Zhang Yang. At the end of the year, the fortune has risen, and the business has gone smoothly, but care must be taken not to affect health due to work problems, maintain a regular schedule, and reduce the intake of tobacco and alcohol.


Horse in 1978

In the first half of 2020, the zodiac horse is in fortune and it is difficult to choose, for example, whether to replace a job, whether the investment project is feasible or not, and whether to enter a marriage. There is a high possibility of changes in the career, and it has been in an unstable state. Sometimes it has unexpected money, sometimes a lot of income, and sometimes economic constraints. Therefore, we must implement every step of the work, every detail. In terms of financial management, the zodiac horse has a poor concept of consumption. When you spend money, you do not know how to control expenditure, and you often regret it. Marriage is prone to sudden changes. Touch the edge of the breakup. It is recommended to spend more time with the other half, and do not let chores dilute the relationship.


1990 Horse

The zodiac horse entering 2020 has a good fortune, and there are many noble people to assist you. You should do your best in your career and be appreciated by leaders and superiors. Give in and understand everything to avoid being hated. Emotionally, singles haven't met the ideal person for a long time. It is not recommended to be stubborn. This year's fortunes are normal. Married people and their partners have more or less disagreements, but we must pay attention to handling methods, not to hurt each other, not to cause misunderstanding, and to be considerate and tolerant in marriage.

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