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Five Direction affecting health in 2021

The directions of Feng Shui that are bad for health are different every year. If you want to have a strong body, you should not only follow a healthy and regular lifestyle and strengthen body maintenance, but also pay special attention to the directions of Feng Shui that are bad for health. The following are the five directions that are bad for health in 2021

In 2021, the sick star will be in the north. If you want to have a healthy body, you must pay attention to this direction. You can put five emperor coins or copper gourds in the north of the home to relieve the evil spirit. Living in this direction may have ear and kidney problems. Try not to choose the north in the room, otherwise your health will suffer a huge blow, and you may have headaches and Backaches.

The entry of the big evil star, the five yellow stars in the southeast, represents death, terminal illness, family destruction and death. It is quite terrifying, so this position is the most unfavorable Feng Shui position for health. If the room is in the southeast, it is best to switch to another room to sleep or change the orientation as much as possible or need to resolve the problem, otherwise there will be serious problems. After choosing a house, try not to choose a house in the southeast. Otherwise, after living in, the health of the whole family will become worse and worse, and they may even encounter major diseases. Never put red objects, you can put five emperor coins or copper gourds to dissolve the evil spirit.

The Northwest Damage Star ,this year may cause breathing and lung problems. The spring and summer seasons are particularly prone to respiratory diseases. Do not stay in the northwest for a long time at this time. Try to choose other directions, especially the room. In this position, otherwise the health will suffer a relatively huge blow and injury. In the northwest of the home, you can hang a red Chinese knot, and in the northwest of the office, you can place mahogany ornaments, which will help relieve the evil spirit.

Although the northeast is the Jiu Zixing, the Tai Sui direction in 2021 is exactly in the northeast, so this direction is absolutely not allowed to be constructed. You can turn your back to him and not face him. Of course, it is not only healthy, but this direction is important for academics. , Career, wealth, and emotional fortune will also bring huge blows and interference. The northeast of the home should be ventilated and the windows should be opened frequently to allow sunlight to come in, which can effectively alleviate its power. In addition, friends who are in poor health should never choose to rest and sleep in the northeast, otherwise they will encounter unexpected bloodshed, so be vigilant and not be too careless.

Southwestern 2021 is the year-end position for this year, so this position is also bad for health. If you want to alleviate bad luck, you can post Tai Sui Talisman, or amulets, and peace charms in this position, which can effectively suppress the evil spirit and make your health and fortune better. The kitchen must not be set up in the southwest, otherwise gastrointestinal diseases may occur, and food poisoning may even occur due to some special reasons, so you must not be careless. If you are traveling or traveling on business, try not to go to the southwest, otherwise it may cause serious accidental bleeding. It is also possible that on the way, some chronic diseases that are difficult to cure will have a huge negative impact on the whole life.

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